Citizens United for Freedom and Firearms


Get involved in CUFF! Whether it is volunteering at a Kids Safety Training, a Ladies Day, or getting on the CUFF Shooting Team, get involved! Our voices are louder together to protect our rights! 

3rd Annual HBA Wild Game Dinner

C.U.F.F. supports our youth, not only in teaching them safety and educating them on firearms, but also in their quest to find a career path. 20% of the proceeds for our raffle will be donated to the Home Builders Association of the U.P. Scholarship Fund. 

3rd Annual March for Our Rights

Our 3rd Annual March for Our Rights is planned for June 6th, 2020. We will start at Harlow Park again and walk down Washington Street via sidewalks, across Front Street, and back up the other side of Washington Street. Your support is imperative. Our voices are stronger together. Support and protect YOUR 2nd Amendment Rights with us. As always, we will have raffles after the event.