Citizens United for Freedom and Firearms


  • Every Membership is now a 5 YEAR membership. 
  • Hat or Tshirt
  •  FREE Kids and Ladies Safety Days
  • Personal invites to Fun Shooting Days, AR Builds, Shooting Competitions and more!
  • Discounted personal training with NRA Certified Firearm Instructor, Trevor Lescinsky

Join C.U.F.F Today!

Our online payment system is currently not working. Please be patient as we have to get a new system into place. To join CUFF, please contact Bob Fassbender at 906-250-5698 or Sarah Foster at 920-290-4033 and we will get in touch. 

General Membership: $50.00
Junior Membership: $25.00
Senior Discount: $5 Discount - $45.00
Military, Law Enforcement and Firefighter Discount: $5 - $45.00

Premium Membership includes a CPL class, hat and Tshirt. $135
$10 discount for seniors (age 65 and older), veterans, LE and Firefighters.